Racing Fuel

  • 110 STANDARD - 5 GAL (Purple)

    110 STANDARD - 5 GAL (Purple)

    Sunoco® Standard™ is a 110 octane leaded race fuel that is used in many forms of motorsports.  Sunoco Standard is designed for compression ratios up to about 13:1 in conventional V8 engines with iron cylinder heads.  It can...

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  • 112 SUPREME - 5 GAL

    112 SUPREME - 5 GAL

    Sunoco® Supreme™ is a 112 octane leaded race fuel designed for competition engines routinely operating over 7000 rpm.  Supreme has a high motor octane number and a fast burn speed to ensure engine protection lap after lap and pass after...

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  • 260 GT - 5 GAL

    260 GT - 5 GAL

    Sunoco 260 GT is a street-legal, oxygenated, unleaded gasoline designed for high performance street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, motorcycles, and the like. With a 100 octane rating, Sunoco 260 GT will allow increased boost levels in...

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  • 260 GT PLUS - 5 GAL

    260 GT PLUS - 5 GAL

    Sunoco 260 GT Plus is a high octane, highly oxygenated unleaded race fuel. Because 260 GT Plus contains more oxygen than is allowed in pump gas, it is for off-road and racing use only. However, it will not harm oxygen sensors. Due to its high oxygen...

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    Renegade RATMAN Boost Juice is a high performance octane enhancing product that will allow your performance engine to unleash its full potential.  Using the same technology as our High Performance racing fuels, RATMAN Boost Juice not only provides...

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  • C50 5 GAL

    C50 5 GAL

    C50 is a truly revolutionary racing fuel designed exclusively for 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles. It is the result of extensive testing with Cobra Moto and works well in all 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles. C50 shows measurable improvement across all performance...

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  • EX02 - 5 GAL

    EX02 - 5 GAL

    Sunoco EXO2 is a very highly oxygenated race fuel. EXO2’s high oxygen content – about three times as much as pump gas – can be beneficial in crate engines, two-barrel engines, and racing classes with cylinder head limitations, as well...

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    RATMAN The Juice aka Hog Juice – is a high-performance fuel additive that will boost the performance of any pump gas.  Not only will it increase octane and power, RATMAN The Juice aka Hog Juice will help your engine run cooler and cleaner...

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  • HOT ROD 104XP

    HOT ROD 104XP

    For those racers who need a high octane, oxygenated, unleaded race fuel, HR 104XP+ is the answer.  Renegade HR 104XP+ is formulated to increase throttle response and overall power and runs cooler than premium pump gas due to its oxygenated...

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