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    Fully Integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology Transmit Weight Data from the Indicator to a Mobile Device Using Bluetooth® Technology Encryption Ensures Secure Wireless Communication USB & RS232 Output Certified to 0.1% Accuracy of...

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  • Longacre Accuset Scale System

    Longacre Accuset Scale System

    Simple to use - just push a buttons to get everything you need!- Push one button for all 4 wheel weights plus Cross Weight- Push a second button for all partial % Simple, uncluttered display – No unneeded information NEW – Baseline Memory...

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  • Longacre Billet Stagger Gauge

    Longacre Billet Stagger Gauge

    Tight Tolerance Tube Tight tolerance inner & outer tube for more accurate readings Billet Arms Thick 3/8" T6 Billet for extra rigidity (some other brands are 1/4" or less) Bolted Together No welding distortion - Anodized red Scales on 2...

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  • Longacre Digital C/C Gauge

    Longacre Digital C/C Gauge

    Here's a super accurate digital caster / camber gauge that reads to .1º (1/10º) camber and caster as high as needed, and at a price any serious team can easily justify. It comes with our latest Super Magnetic adapter, now with 16 'Rare...

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  • Longacre Digital Shock Inflation Gauge

    Longacre Digital Shock Inflation Gauge

    Get your shock pressures just right with this easy-to-use tool. Just connect the the special shock inflator chuck and fill and bleed to the perfect pressure. Chuck is designed to allow you to remove from the shock without losing any pressure. Digital...

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  • Longacre Magnetic C/C Gauge

    Longacre Magnetic C/C Gauge

    Expanded Range Reads Camber from +9º to -9º, accurate to better than 1/4º Caster reads from +12º to -4º Glow-in-the-Dark vials - much easier to read even in good light CNC machined billet aluminum - polished,...

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  • Longacre Tire Roller

    Longacre Tire Roller

    Check stagger easily and accurately Clean or groove tires quickly Check for leaks, punctures, tire damage fast Convenient design, saves you time and hassle Includes 10' Stagger Tape

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